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Stair Climbers allow a person to be driven up and down the stairs. This is especially nice in that this equipment can be dis-assembled to take along with you in the car. If you have multiple staircases, have muliple homes, or just like to travel to places that might have inaccesible stairs, a stairclimber may be the way to go. This is also an excellent solution for emergency evacuation plans. If you have people with mobility issues working in your building and need to get them up or down stairs in case of a fire, this may work for you. It can travel 600 steps on a single charge.

There are three different models of Stair Climber. One has a seat that allows a person to just sit on the integrated seat. The other two models are made to be attached to wheelchairs, so the wheelchair can travel with the person. We have a demo unit of the PT-S that we can bring out to your home or business to try out. This lifter can accomodate stairs up to 8 1/4" tall, which is better than the other brands which can only accomodate stair risers up to 7 inches. We found very few applications that worked with the other brands we carry, so we are very excited about this model. It has made a huge difference in the lives of our clients who can now get out of their homes, visit friends and even go to their vacation homes.

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Stair Climbers for the Atlanta and Chattanooga areas by Blue Moose

Stair Climbers may also be used for short-term occasions if you don't want to install a fixed stair lift in your home. They are also less expensive than a curved stair lift. You can rent a stair climber for a person who may be coming to visit or if somebody is just coming out of rehab who may not need a stairlift for a long period of time. Note however that a stair climber must be driven by a driver, so this is not a solution that can be used by somebdoy who wants to travel up and down stairs indepentdently. This is also a good solution for churches who wish to help their agin parishoners get around in the church but may not have the money for an elevator or vertical lift. A stair climber is a fraction of the price of these more permanent lifts. You will also not have to pay for yearly inspections from the state elevator department! If you do have an elevator in your church or public building, and have ever found yourself with a broken down elevator or emergency situation where you have needed to be able to move people up and down, this product solves those issues as well.

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