Cargo lifts, attic lifts and dumbwaiters help you move materials

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There are all types of lifts that can help you move materials around your home or business. There are cargo lifts, dumbwaiters, material handling lifts, and attic lifts.

A cargo lift travels along your stairs much like a stair lift. The track is attached to the stair treads. Your cargo is placed on a flat rack which you send up or call down to you by way of call send controls located at the top and bottom landings. The flat rack can be folded when not in use to free up more room to walk up and down the stairs. Some people even get them for their dogs to ride.

Dumbwaiters are very much like a small elevator. They travel vertically within a wood and sheetrock shaft or hoistway built to blend into your home or business. A dumbwaiter typically requires a shaft size of at least 24" x 28" inside dimensions. When you factor in the 2 x 4 walls, the footprint is about 32" x 36" for a 20" x 20" dumbwaiter in-line car. You will have swinging doors on the hoistway, very similar to cabinet doors where you can access the dumbwaiter and the mechanical equipment. Special interlocks are mounted on these doors to make sure you cannot open the doors if the dumbwaiter car is not at that landing. Dumbwaiters must be permitted and inspected in Georgia by the Department of Labor Elevator Department whether they are in a private residence or a commercial building. They must be installed by a licensed elevator company. If the dumbwaiter is coming out of a garage, there should be a fire rated separation between the garage and the house. There should be no holes or other way for fumes to enter your home from the garage through the shaftway.

An attic lift is built to travel up your into your attic. You set your materials on the platform which you send up through the ceiling into the attic where you can then go to unload your boxes. You won't have to worry about trying to climb those pull-down stairs with boxes in your hands anymore.

A car or vehicle lift allows you to stack one car on top of another. You drive one car onto the lift and then raise it up and you can drive the other car under the lift. You will, of course, need a taller than average garage space.

Material handling lifts are used in commercial buildings to move materials beween mulitple levels. These lifts are typically larger than dumbwaiters and can be enclosed in an expanded metal enclosure as long as you are not penetrating a floor. These lifts are much less expensive than a freight elevator and much quicker to install.

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